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It’s Time For a Heart-to-Heart on Cardiovascular Health

A pharmacist is speaking to a woman. The text reads, "It's Time For a Heart-to-Heart on Cardiovascular Health."
Cardiovascular Health

Loving on your loved ones includes taking care of yourself too. Staying up to date on your health is crucial for you and your loved ones. When was the last time you had a Heart-to-Heart with your Evolve Health Services Pharmacist about heart health? Heart disease affects nearly half of American adults. Therefore, a Heart-to-Heart with your Pharmacist could be beneficial for you or someone you love.

This month, your Evolve Health Services Pharmacist is offering Heart-to-Heart Consultations. Knowledge about heart disease is important for everyone. See below for some of the cardiovascular topics that you can ask your pharmacist about.

Understanding A Recent Heart-Related Diagnosis

There are many questions that can come up when improving your health. Are you feeling overwhelmed after leaving your doctor’s office? What can you do to make sure your blood pressure and cholesterol get under control? What foods are better than others? How can you properly monitor your salt intake? These are some of the many questions your Evolve Health Services Pharmacist is ready to discuss with you today.

Heart Medications Review

Whether you are a new or a long-time patient, a good understanding of your heart medications is always a good idea. We are here to answer all of your questions! Your Heart Medications Review will answer questions such as:

  • How does your heart medicine work?

  • When is the best time of day to take it?

  • What possible drug-drug interactions to be aware of?

  • What to do about refills when you travel?

Understanding Your Heart Numbers

High blood pressure requires regular monitoring. Our pharmacists can help you understand how to take your blood pressure at home, what the numbers mean, and what to do in case of an emergency. Having a clear plan for what to do in case of a spike or dip in blood pressure will ease the worry of your loved ones. Be sure to have a written copy of this plan in places that can be easily seen around your home and keep a copy on your person.

Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking lowers many health risks including the risk of heart disease. There are many tools that your pharmacist can provide you with to help you quit. Making the choice and then following through with it is one of the best decisions you could make about your heart health. Has you or someone you love been diagnosed with coronary heart disease? If they are smokers, then quitting reduces the following items:

  • Risk of premature death

  • Risk of death from heart disease

  • Risk of having the first heart attack or another heart attack

Matters of the heart are not to be taken lightly. Taking care of your heart helps to ensure you can continue to share your love with others. Don’t skip a beat, schedule a Heart-to-Heart with your Evolve Health Services Pharmacist today!

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