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At Hospital Discount Pharmacy, Son's Discount Pharmacy, and Carbon Hill Drugs, we make it our priority to help you stay healthy and make accessing your medications as easy and efficient as possible. Our medication packaging services will reduce your stress because we take the time to pack your medications, so you know when you need to take them.

If you’re tired of opening multiple bottles and confusing your prescriptions and dosages, we have you covered. Our medication packaging system ensures that our patients receive the highest level of safety to comfortably adhere to their medication regime. Every dose is conveniently packaged in a pouch with its drug name, strength, dosage, date, and time so patients can better understand their medications.

Reach out to our team of exceptional pharmacists for any questions on medication packaging or to sign up with our services today.

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Prescription Packaging

If you have to take multiple medications daily, enrolling in our medication packaging services can help you sort your prescriptions by day and time.

Keep track of your medications by signing up with prescription packaging. At any of our three pharmacies, we can help you:

  • Immediately know if you missed a dose

  • Eliminate the possibility of taking a medication twice

  • It gives you a visual reminder of your dosage regimen

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Why Does Compliance Packaging Matter?

  • Ease of medication dosing 

  • Travel-friendly packaging

  • Reduce skipped doses

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